Hatari Lodge
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hatari lodge

Mount Meru

Solitude on the Slopes of Mount Meru

"Into the wild,

Hatari Lodge

Nested within the protected woodlands of Mt. Meru near the Momella meadow, Hatari is one of the very few properties located inside the Arusha National Park.

With a fun historical significance, this legendary bush lodge was the setting for the famed 1963 film Hatari starring John Wayne, Elsa Martinelli and Hardy Krüger.

Now in care of the Gabriel family, the legacy of Hatari grows fuller with new memories, stronger community and natural harmony.

Greet the

Dieter Braun, Flamingos
Dieter Braun, Giraffes
Dieter Braun, Buffalo
Dieter Braun, Hippo Pool
Dieter Braun, Chimpanzees


Meet me...

under the calming cover of trees - where the cascading forest meets the shifting grasslands - at the starting point of a new adventure.

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Follow me...

into rooms with personalities: some exotic and wild with color, others refined and filled with light.

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Remember me...

when the sun shines softly and memory stirs and sudden images of wonders revives your imagination.

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A pioneer of sustainable tourism in Tanzania. They are active leaders of wildlife conservation across the country, serve homegrown, organic food and their front yard is a casual meeting point for towers of giraffes.
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