Shumata Camp
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shu'mata camp

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Transcendant Views of Mount Kilimanjaro

"Above the clouds,

Shu'mata Camp

Shu'mata is of the language of the Maasai and reveals the essence of our camp - an elevation.

Located in the Enduimet Wildlife Management Aread, both Kilimanjaro and the Amboseli ecosystem are in view, and we have carefully created a frame to experience their remarkable rawness in comfort and unique luxury.

The Maasai welcome guests with the words, "Sopai": we hope to share these same words with you.

Greet the

Dieter Braun, Elephants
Dieter Braun, Mantis
Dieter Braun, Zebras
Dieter Braun, Kudu
Dieter Braun, Lion


Meet me...

atop the hill, in view of Mount Kilimanjaro - at the threshold where imagination transcends into magical reality.

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Follow me...

into tented spaces, adorned with luxury and wonder, filled with sunlight by day and moonlight by night.

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Remember me...

when you smile, or close your eyes and open them again, and a moment of joy refreshes your mind and renews your soul.

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It's funny - there must have been walls, but I don't remember them. I felt at every moment immersed in nature and at the same time completely charmed by the character and culture of the camp.
Jared Jessup, May 2018 Jared Jessup Review